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Woolly Wanderlust!

Here at The Woolly Thistle we we encourage woolly wanderlust and share information about where the wool was grown and milled.  

We specialize in finding yarn made at the source whether that be on wild Scottish islands, or in the bucolic Devon countryside.  

We are passionate about yarns with a story!  

“You're the absolute best at getting across what many of these small fiber mills and families do.“ - Barb
“I love the stories about the yarn producers. I may never get to some of these places but I sure can use their yarn and dream.“ - Eileen


Stories from our Yarn Producers

"Our products, like our Hebridean sheep, are rare and small in number. Sustainably produced, they glean their aesthetic qualities from the Hebridean landscape and culture." - Meg Rodger 

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UIST Wool runs a spinning Mill & Wool Centre on the island of Grimsay in North Uist, part of the Outer Hebrides an island archipelago off the north west coast of Scotland.

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The Daughter of a Shepherd journey began with the 2015 clip of the Hebridean sheep who graze Escrick Park Estate. We aim to support all aspects of British manufacturing in our processing and production.

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