Email Assistant

Thank you for your interest in the Email Assistant position.  This is a remote position working from home.  While we think it will be for minimal hours, there's always potential for growth at The Woolly Thistle.

We are looking for a friendly and experienced knitter to assist us with answering customer emails. A good understanding of yarns and a familiarity with how they are constructed as well as how different wools behave is especially helpful.  Emails you could be asked to assist with might include questions about pattern selections, yarn selections for specific patterns as well as help selecting colors and substituting yarns in patterns.

This position would require around 2-4 hours of work per week. More time may be needed over time and depending on the season. To make sure customers are served in a timely manner the position requires that you work a few moments (minutes to an hour depending on the demand) every day rather than all 4 hours once a week. A training period and ongoing guidance will be offered to make sure that customers needs are met.  You will also be a source of knitting expertise to other members of staff.

Skills needed:
- Must be able to answer emails in a quick, friendly, accurate and efficient manner.
- A familiarity with Ravelry especially for pattern and yarn searches is helpful.
- Must be able to work independently but also as a part of a team.
- Must be a trustworthy, friendly and a knowledgeable knitter and 

Below are a couple of sample emails with typical customer questions. Please submit examples of how you would reply with your application. 

Please also include your desired hourly rate in your application.

Send your letter of interest together with your answers and any other pertinent information to: and use the Subject: Email Assistant. Thank you for your interest in working with The Woolly Thistle.

Please provide us with your answers to the sample questions below:

1. I wanted to make the Katie's Kep hat in the colorway #4. I know the kit is unavailable but wondered if I could get the colors separately? The listing doesn't list the colors in the set.

2. I'm looking for a substitute yarn for Spindrift. Can you recommend something?

3. I'm just finishing a sweater (Mariechen cardigan) with Brooklyn Tweed Loft and I'm so impressed with how light but warm this wool is. I'm wondering if you can sell it at your shop? Or do you sell anything like it? I'm just so happy with it...