2022 Selection Box

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This thoughtfully curated box is loaded with special yarns and treasures sure to delight any knitter.


Our Selection Box is a favorite holiday tradition here at The Woolly Thistle. We've had such fun curating the woolliest wools and special goodies for this year's box.

Our Selection Box is a generous taster of TWT's most special yarns from beloved yarn-makers. Limited in supply and loved by all, this year's Box includes 800 grams of storied woolly wool along with special goodies sure to delight woolly connoisseurs.

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TWT's 2022 Selection Box in detail

Black Isle

New and a TWT Exclusive found only in this year's Selection Box! This 100 gram skein is 75% Shetland and 25% Gotland (with a hint of Charollais) 4ply/fingering weight yarn. This naturally colored yarn is beautifully spun and has a bit of sheen and luster.

Wensleydale Longwool Aran

Wensleydale Sheep are a rare breed distinguished by the 8 to 12 inch long silky curls in their fleece. Each box includes 2 balls of Aran weight in complementary colors!

Aran Weight; 514 yards total

Jagger Spun Gotland

Silvery gray and lustrous, undyed Gotland wool blends beautifully with the top dyed wool used in Jagger Spun Heathers to create this light and airy Gotland yarn spun in Maine.

Light DK; 430 yards

Garthenor Organic

Two skeins of Number 2 in natural shades of Shetland. These yarns are just as light and bouncy as you could wish from Garthenor's woollen spun yarns.

Sport Weight, 372 yards total.

John Arbon Appledore DK

A delightful blend of three sheep breeds - 40% Romney, 20% Exmoor Blueface, and 40% of local to John Arbon, Devon Closewool. The Devon Closewool gives the yarn a beautiful luster while still retaining bounce from the other fibers.

DK Weight; 273 yards

WoolDreamers Manchelopis

Unspun, soft and incredibly bouncy Manchelopis yarn is unique and fun to knit with. Each plate can either be knit with the two strands held together to create soft and cozy garments. Each box contains 1 plate of Manchelopi is a neutral shade.

DK Weight, 252 yards

Limited Edition TWT Tote

Screenprinted canvas tote with our Holiday inspired graphic of Joy by her tree with her little sheep and chicken friends. Together they're enjoying her new yarns from her Selection Box.

Rauma Lamullgarn

A classic, Norwegian light fingering weight yarn, woollen spun and perfect for light weight garments and accessories. A workhorse with yardage!

Light Fingering, 546 yards total

More treasures included in the 2022 Selection Box

~TWT Limited Edition Winter Tote Bag 

~Green Bee Tea Towel

~Thistle Stitch Marker Set

~Knitting Barber Wool Comb

~Tuft Knitter's Hand Balm

~ Collector's Limited Edition Sticker Pack

~Pattern Suggestion Card

Perks included with this year's Selection Box

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First access to additional quantities of items included in the box (if available)

Early access to rare and "unicorn" yarns throughout the year

Exclusive access to future special products and projects

All this PLUS 800g of beautiful woolly yarn all for $279.95!