Cover image from Shetland Oo: Wool Textiles, work.
Shetland Oo: Wool, Textiles, Work
sneak peak inside  Shetland Oo: Wool Textiles, work.
Cover image from Shetland Oo: Wool Textiles, work.

Shetland Oo: Wool, Textiles, Work

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Shetland Oo: Wool, Textiles, Work.

Photography by Tom Barr & words by Kate Davies

When I first tried to get hold of this interesting book, it was already sold out, but thankfully it has been reprinted and now I not only have my own copy, but I have some to share with you dear knitters.

This book is a pleasant size with a sturdy yet flexible cover that on opening begins our journey of discovery with a brief history of Shetland work and wool.  From there it documents key makers and producers all of who work with wool in one form or another on the islands of Shetland.

Tom Barr has taken evocative landscape photos and portraits that really capture the essence of Shetland and it's people.  

Taken from Kate Davies' description of their book:

Wool—or in Shetlandic, Oo—has for centuries figured centrally in island life. Hardy, colourful, characterful sheep have adapted over millennia to a challenging climate, and Shetlanders have always put their fine fleeces to good use, in beautiful, distinctive textiles ranging from woven tweeds to Fairisle handknits. From croft to creative enterprise, wool remains at the heart of many island industries today, and this collaborative documentary project reveals the many different kinds of work that oo supports. In these pages you’ll meet the fascinating graders, breeders, tanners, artists, designers, knitters, weavers, hand spinners, knitwear manufacturers and retailers, who, in so many different ways, have made their lives in oo. Photographed by Tom Barr, and with accompanying essays and profiles written by Kate Davies, this book is produced in celebration of the vital contemporary work of Shetland wool.

The short video below was created by Felicity Ford aka Knitsonik who kindly gave permission to include the video here.  Felicity is the author of the Knitsonik Stranded Colorwork Sourcebook and is extremely familiar with Jamieson & Smith's Shetland wool.  She is also an audio expert, who creates the most amazing treat for your ears in the form of her podcasts.  I agree with Felicity that the video adds to the appeal of the book, giving it a three-dimensional quality.


116 pages, 11 oz

printed and bound in Scotland

Paperback edition

Please note: this book is a documentary project exploring Shetland wool in words and images. It does not contain knitting patterns.

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