Woolly Thistle Colorways Hansel Hap (Full Version) Yarn Set in J&S 2ply by Gudrun Johnston
7 balls of J&S yarn in beige brown and three tones of blue
7 balls of J&S yarn in light cream/purple and dark grey, burgundy, red, and cream
7 balls of J&S yarn in blue and neutral cream, beige and bright red/orange
7 balls of J&S yarn in heathered green and pink, light turquoise, and white
7 balls of J&S yarn in deep turquoise, grey, two light blues, and white
7 balls of J&S yarn in yellow, with two purples, a salmon and light green
7 balls of J&S yarn in blue tones, grey and white.  knitted hap in background.

Woolly Thistle Colorways Hansel Hap (Full Version) Yarn Set in J&S 2ply by Gudrun Johnston

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The Hansel Hap Yarn Sets have been wildly popular here at The Woolly Thistle! So, we've had fun putting together alternate colors for this beautiful hap. The options for this hap are really endless using the J&S color palette, so we're offering some of our favorite combinations here.  

Yarn Set Includes:

  • All yarn called for in pattern (17-25 balls J&S 2ply; 25g each) based on your color and hap size selection.

Full Size: Small(Medium, Large)

Hansel Hap (Full Version): Small (Medium, Large): Approx 55 ½ (63 ½, 72 ¼)” / 141 (161, 183.5) cms square

You'll find the Hansel Hap (Half Version) yarn sets here! 

The pattern for this yarn set must be purchased directly from the designer and is available here on Ravelry:  Hansel Hap (Full Version) by Gudrun Johnston

This Full Version of the Hansel Hap creates a square shape. This gorgeous hap is knit with Jamieson & Smith 2ply jumper weight yarn and will provide warmth and comfort to you or a loved one.  This Hansel Hap is sure to be a treasure for years to come.

Gudrun Johnston's Hansel Hap was first published in 2010.  She recently relaunched this classic pattern with new colors and we are proud to offer these yarn sets in those new colors.

"Hap" is Scottish for shawl or wrap and a "hansel" is a gift to mark a special occasion.  A hap forms a large, square shawl that can be folded in half and worn in several different ways. Half-Haps are made in a triangular shape more common to the shawls we generally see today. 

The Hansel Hap (Full Version) Yarn Set is available in three sizes based on the pattern and each size is available in six new colorways.  Please make your color and size selection in the drop down menu.


Jamieson and Smith 2ply Jumper Weight Yarn 100 % Real Shetland Wool (25g balls / 125 yards) You can read more about and see our full line of Jamieson & Smith 2ply here.


Option 1:
MC-shade 3
CC1 -shade 16
CC2 -shade 5
CC3 -shade FC52
CC4 -shade 14
Option 2:
MC -shade FC41
CC1 -shade 75
CC2 -shade FC46
CC3 -shade FC62
CC4 -shade 1
Option 3:
MC -shade 1282
CC1 -shade 101
CC2 -shade 71
CC3 -shade 1
CC4 -shade 1283
Option 4:
MC -shade 66
CC1 -shade 9114
CC2 -shade FC9
CC3 -shade FC24
CC4 -shade FC56
Option 5:
MC -shade FC39
CC1 -shade 1281
CC2 -shade 125
CC3 -shade 1A
CC4 -shade FC64
Option 6:
MC -shade FC51
CC1 -shade 87
CC2 -shade 1A
CC3 -shade 43
CC4 -shade 81


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