Black and white Skeindeer mittens from the book Selbu Mittens by Anne Bårdsgård.

Selbu Mittens Yarn Set - Designer: Skeindeer

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The Woolly Thistle is delighted to offer yarn sets for the lovely and quick knit pattern designed by Eli of Skeindeer @skeindeer The yarn set includes the following:

All the yarn you need to knit a set of Selbu Mittens in Rauma Strikkegarn (DK) yarn in your choice of (black and cream) or (charcoal and grey)

  • 1 x ball (black 110 and cream 101), or (dark grey 105 and light grey 103)
  • Our choice of Stitch Marker
  • 1 x tote bag from TWT!

 *Stitch marker selection will vary based on availability.

Please note the set does NOT include the pattern which can be easily purchased and downloaded directly from the designer on Ravelry here.  


Not enough inventory available.
Color: Dark Grey and Light Grey

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