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    Blacker Samite - available soon!

    Samite is Blacker's brand new yarn consisting of beautiful British wool as well as very special Ahimsa silk that is humanely sourced.  The composition of the yarn includes 30% smooth drapey Bluefaced Leicester with the bouncy froth of 40% Shetland wool, 20% guilt-free Ahimsa silk and 10% of fiber from Sue Blacker's own Gotland flock.  This combination of pale and dark fibers creates a yarn with glorious depth of color and delicate nupps of silk.  This yarn is luminous!

    March 23, 2017 is the official launch date as set by Blacker.  Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to have the yarn here for you in a timely manner, customs have held up all our boxes of this exquisite yarn and to date we are still waiting for them to pass through.  Rest assured that as soon as they are released we will have it all available in the shop for your perusal and purchasing enjoyment.

    You can keep up to date with it's progress by following @thewoollythistle on Instagram.




    TWT welcomes Lo-Lo by Bar-Maids!

    TWT welcomes Lo-Lo by Bar-Maids!

    I'd be hard pressed to find a knitter that doesn't know the Knitmore Girls audio podcast with Jasmine and Gigi, and so I know you will have heard of Lo-Lo by Bar-Maids skin care products.  As a long time sponsor of the Knitmores, Lo-Lo has been on my radar for a long time, yet, it wasn't until my friend Maggie gave me one of the To-Go bars at Christmas-time that I was transformed into a nut for this stuff.  

    The tins are practical with a tight lid (though the lid is easy enough to prize off).  Inside is a perfectly round bar of deliciously scented moisturizing magic made from fresh, simple and clean ingredients.  There are a multitude of scents, but I have started with a small selection that include: In Body Bars I have: Lavender Lil', Gourmet Stash and Coco-Mango, and in To-Go sizes I have: Coco-Mango, Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit and Buck-Naked.  I plan to expand the offerings as we go along.

    O' For Feet Sake had to be added to my line up of lovelies.  This twist up stick of foot saving stuff comes in Peppermint Plus and Soft Vanilla.  A quick application of this on your tootsies right after a shower or last thing at night before you slip on your hand-knitted bed-socks will work wonders on your hard-working and oft' under appreciated feet.

    Lo-Lo products are a great add on to any order you place with The Woolly Thistle and once tried you will find this to be wonderful stuff that you'll actually want to use (and not shove in the bottomless drawer of skin care doom).

    As a special thank you for including Lo-Lo with your order, I'll throw in a tester size of Lo-Lo to the first 10 folks who include Lo-Lo in their order!


    Laine Magazine - preorder available

    Laine Magazine - preorder available

    Merry Christmas!

    Issue One of the new and exciting Laine Magazine already sold out but they are busy printing more.  The Woolly Thistle is honored to be included as a stockist of this exceptional magazine and we eagerly await it's arrival at TWT HQ.

    Yesterday, I posted on Instagram that we are stockists and many folks responded positively and even asked for pre-orders.  We've never done pre-orders before but we're willing to give it ago due to popular demand.

    Therefore, 20 copies are being made available for pre-order.  The price is $26.95 which fairly represents the quality of this bi-annual magazine with approx 120 pages and which weighs just under 18 oz.  Shipping will remain flat at $4.95 for regular US postal service (although you can choose priority for faster shipping).

    We expect to receive our order in the first half of January at which time we will immediately ship to those of you who have placed a successful pre-order.

    I hope you love this offer!  Happy Holidays!



    ETA: I've been given the green light from Laine to offer more pre-order copies.  More copies are therefore available to you for pre-order here.

    J&S Fire Festival KAL Kit

    J&S Fire Festival KAL Kit


    The Woolly Thistle now has all 8 colors especially chosen by Jamieson & Smith to be included in this year's Up Helly Aa celebration KAL aptly named the Fire Festival KAL 2016-2017.

    The colors are: 91, FC38, 125 and 9113 representing colors of fire and also some darker shades to represent the dark winter skies - 36, 81, 54 - and a bright blue shade, 132.

    The colors are magical and I know of a hap being planned with these colors in the border.  The rules are that you knit anything of your liking, but using at least 5 of the 8 colors specified above.

    The Woolly Thistle believes the more J&S in your stash the better so we have put together the Fire Festival KAL Kit and are offering all 8 colors (as stated as the KAL colors) for the price of 6! That's a 25% savings.

    The KAL is already underway but goes on through March 20th giving us ample time to be knitting along on these long cold nights.  What will you knit?  Go to J&S' Ravelry group and NH Knits ravelry group to add your voice to the conversation.  Use #firefestivalKAL when posting pics on social media.



    TWT has a new look

    TWT has a new look

    The Woolly Thistle's shop was functional and filled with lovely images of yarnie goodness but it was very basic in terms of style.  I've been working hard to get the right look and feel for the shop and as of today I'm thrilled to share the new look with you!  

    There are bigger product photos and better functionality so that when you select your color choice the photo related to that color choice is selected and shows in the photo box.  I hope you agree the new look is an improvement, and dare I say, rather lovely!


    New Yarn: Isle Yarns

    It's bustling here at The Woolly Thistle as we launch the newest yarn to join our British line-up.  We welcome Isle Yarns!  

    Isle Yarns is a single farm yarn coming from the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset, England.  This peninsula of land is known as the Isle of Purbeck even though it's not an island!  There you will find rolling green hills filled with cattle and sheep grazing their days away, and you're never far from the sea.  




    Sue Hole is the woman behind Isle Yarns.  Her nephew Benjamin Hole started the whole thing when he had his flock of Poll Dorset sheep shorn and their wool made into the very popular Hole & Sons yarn.  While Benjamin has moved away from the yarn side of things, Sue has started her own line of yarns, aptly named Isle Yarns, coming from the family's flock of Poll Dorsets.

    Sue has created beautiful strong yarns that reflect the colors of the landscape that surround her farm and her grazing sheep.  Her yarns are great for color work sweaters and cabled cardigans.  Hats and mittens, scarfs and cushion covers all work well in this gorgeous place-based yarn.

    Isle Yarns has worked with many great designers to bring us lovely garment and accessory patterns that we can knit with her yarn.  Wonderful women, such as Melody of Mandarine's, have created beautiful projects in Isle Yarns, such as the popular Art Deco hat.  (Incidentally, I interviewed Melody in Episode 30, when we had a thoroughly enjoyable chat about life and knitting in Latvia!)   

    Sarah Hazell is an author and designer and has recently launched her own collection of knitting patterns, The Purbeck Collection, all of which are available on Ravelry as individual patterns.

    Annie Rowden (@byannieclaire) designed the "Tales from the Isle of Purbeck" shawl which I would love to knit myself!  (This design also notes being suitable for Blacker's Classic DK which we also stock here at TWT!)  Isle Yarns also offers a few free patterns here.

    Isle Yarns come in two weights: DK and 4ply.  There are woolen spun and worsted spun skeins and some are 100% Poll Dorset and some are a 50% Dorset / 25% Swaledale / 25% Bluefaced Leicester blend.  When selecting your yarn on the product page you can easily see what you are buying.  Whether worsted or woolen, pure dorset or blended, all the skeins work together beautifully.

    Isle Yarns is only available from two locations in the USA, and The Woolly Thistle is the only shop where you can purchase 100g skeins.  Thank you Sue for the pleasure of getting to know your yarn.   I'm thrilled to bring it to my fellow Knitters in the US and Canada.