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    Email problems!

    Email problems!

    Until further notice please email us using  Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience this causes you.  Corinne

    The Woolly Thistle is hiring!

    The Woolly Thistle is hiring!

    The Woolly Thistle is growing and very busy. We have an opening for an Operations Manager located at TWT HQ in Meriden NH (therefore it is necessary that only local candidates apply).  The main focus of the position is to conduct daily inventory, shipping and receiving operations.  The position offers mothers' hours M-F with room to grow.  If you are highly motivated to contribute your skills to a growing small business and have retail and/or e-commerce experience and are local in the Upper Valley please send your resume and cover letter of interest to: with the subject line: Operations Manager.  
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    The Woolly Thistle will be at Squam Art Fair in June

    The Woolly Thistle will be at Squam Art Fair in June


    Nestled in the woods on the shores of Squam Lake in New Hampshire you'll find a lovely selection of vendors at the Market celebrating the end of the Squam Spring Retreat.  I attended the Market last year for the first time, and found it to be delightful.  I'm so excited to be vending for the first time in such a special location and event.  If you've ever wanted to squeeze the wool in person, this would be a great time to visit and meet The Woolly Thistle's selection of yarns from Scotland, England, and Scandinavia.

    JUNE 9th 2018



    All the books!!! An update...

    All the books!!!  An update...

    Making Stories: WOODS official release date is November 4th with preorders starting October 2nd.  We'll have preorders available on Tuesday 10/2.  This is a gorgeous book especially suited to The Woolly Thistle customers with patterns for Blacker Yarns, Tuku Sock Yarn, Isle Yarns and Southdown Yarns (which have just arrived here and are gorgeous. They'll be in the shop soon!)

    Laine 3 sold out almost as soon as it arrived at the shop so more have been ordered.  You can now order your copy and it will ship to you as soon as it arrives here (expected 7-10 days). 

    Issue 14 of Amirisu is available for purchase and will be shipped out to you as soon as we receive it from the publisher.  It should arrive here at the shop next week and we'll turn it around the same day.  



    Preorders for Bristol Ivy's new book, Knitting Outside the Box, are going strong so if you think this book is for you, preorder it now!  Due to arrive mid-November.

    With photography by Tom Barr and an introductory essay by Kate Davies, Ootlier issue 1 is produced in celebration of the hard work of the Drymen show--Scotland's oldest 1 day agricultural event.  Coming to TWT soon!

    Scottish Highlands & Islands: Highland Folk Museum

    Scottish Highlands & Islands: Highland Folk Museum

    Thank you so much for following along on Instagram (@thewoollythistle and @nh_knits) where I documented our trip to the Scottish Highlands and Islands.  We had 30 days of travel, fun, family, good weather(!) and lots of woolly goodness.

    A huge thank you to my hubby, Jay, who looked after the shop while we were running around and through the heather.  And thank YOU for shopping while we were gone.  You guys are the best!

    As a way for me to remember our trip, and to give you a heads-up on fun things to do in Scotland, I'm going to post a selection of places we visited here.

    So let's have a look at one of the first places we visited in the Highlands of Scotland.  The Highland Folk Museum is well worth a visit.  Located in Newtonmore in the Highlands, it's billed as "Britain's first outdoor museum" and it's free to get in (a donation is gratefully received).  It's a great way to spend the afternoon with (or without kids).  I found it endlessly fascinating.  

    The Highland Folk Museum features houses from all different eras and shows how regular folks would have lived in days gone by.  You can walk inside the houses, and especially nice for children, you can touch what's inside (for the most part).

    One of my favorites was a home from the 1940's.  The wood paneling and picture of the Queen were typical for houses of that time.  And look! Crochet!

    The museum also features a school house with a resident teacher who told the kids about the use of "the belt" and had them practicing their writing skills using a quill pen and ink.  (I remember the belt well as it wasn't outlawed until the early 80's - I'll never tell whether I got the belt, or not!!)

    We bought sweets at the sweetie shop and looked around an old post office.  Much to my delight here were chickens scratching around outside as we mulled around.

    We also found a tailor/seamstress shop.

    We learned that sheep farming was important to the Highlanders, and saw a house that included a sheep fank - stone walls built in order to keep and sort sheep when shearing or dosing.  I wonder if that's where the word "fankle" comes from (fankle means to be in a mess, for example, my yarn is in a "fankle") because without a fank the sheep would be unorganized.  You can see fanks all over the Highlands seemingly in the middle of nowhere.


    When you enter the Highland Folk Museum you are in the middle of the exhibit.  I've been describing what you find to your left (and there's much more I haven't shared here).  However, if you go to your right, they have reconstructed a village from the 1700's and in fact, scenes from Outlander were filmed here.

    I hope you've enjoyed our quick jaunt around Highland Folk Museum.  I look forward to going back again next time, so if you're in the area, definitely go check it out.


    Shop News - Logistics while I'm in Scotland

    Shop News - Logistics while I'm in Scotland

    As many of you know, I'm planning a trip back home to Scotland with my children.  We will be leaving Wednesday, July 26th and returning August 25th.  My wonderful husband will be joining us for the last week of the trip, but while we are gone and he is home and working his real job as well as taking care of the pigs, chickens, cat and dog, he will also be running the day-to-day operations at The Woolly Thistle.

    Jay has been in training for the last week or two learning how to fill your orders.  Some of you may have already received orders filled by him!  He is doing great and is learning lots about wool and yarn in the process (a nice side-benefit!)

    This means though that your orders might take an extra day or two to be processed (you know, like in other shops!!) because he will be doing this in the evenings.  He is fully committed to keeping things going though, and I really appreciate him keeping the shop open for us.  

    Feel free to make contact via the usual email address ( as I will still be checking my emails when I have wifi.

    The shop will be receiving stock orders while I'm gone.  So if Jay is able to replenish the stock he will so that you will have as much choice as possible when visiting.  However, I would ask that non-urgent requests wait until after I get back 8/25 at which time I will be very happy to get you what you need.

    As I mentioned Jay will be coming to Scotland the last week of our trip so during that time the shop will be on holiday and any orders you place at that time will be fulfilled when I return.  

    I'm planning to share the places we visit with you here and on Instagram.  Follow @thewoollythistle and @nh_knits for lots of photos of Edinburgh, the Highlands, Shetland, Fair Isle and the Outer Hebrides.  I hope to gather lots of audio for the NH Knits podcast and expect I'll be able to return to podcasting in September when the kids go back to school and I've caught up from being away.  

    Cawdor Castle is where my mum worked for many years until just last year.   She ran the wool shop!  I'm sure we'll be stopping in for a romp around gardens.  They have Hebridean sheep and make yarn from their clip.